Sons of Blighty Exhibition

12167149_10153703242601310_1129336537_nThe Exhibition showcases oral histories
collected from British Caribbean men with a connection to
Waltham Forest and men who have worked on
London Transport from the 1960s.

Snippets of interviews below include:
Benjamin Zephaniah speaking about the racism he experienced in school in the 1960s and 1970s.
Tim Campbell gives his veiw on one parent families.
Lord Bill Morris gives his view on parenting second generation British Caribbeans.
Courtney Griffith QC reveals what he thinks are the issues for young carribean men.
Stan Medford talks about where he home is.
Roy Merchant remembers working on creating a system to challenge racism and discrination in the local council.

Full Exhibit:
Leytonstone Library 3rd – 13th October
Walthamstow Library 14th – 22nd October
Partial Exhibit:
Walthamstow Town Hall (TBC) 23rd – 29th October
Walthamstow Assembly Hall 30th October
The Vestry House Museum 4th – 18th November